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Free today: Botticelli's Muse

Free book: "Spanish Lavender", a love story set during the Spanish civil war

Da Vinci code meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.: Free today the novel "Keys of Life: Uriel's Justice"

#Free detective novel about a #barrister at the court of Elisabeth I of England: "Murder by Misrule"

A great murder mystery set at the court of Queen Elisabeth I - review of "Let slip the Dogs" by Anna Castle

Review of "The Liberty Bride" by MaryLu Tyndall, set during the War of 1812

#free #book: Book 2 of the multi-award-winning epic Historical Fiction series The Troubadours Quartet

Review of "The Soldier's Girl" by Sharon Maas: WWII in the Alsace

Unusual regency novel: Review of "A gentleman's promise" by Penny Hampson

No not set on an alien planet but in Egypt and Sudan in 200 BC