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"The Stolen girl" and "the French sultana" both explore the legend of Naksidil the French woman in the Turkish imperial harem

"Reign of the Marionettes": a history book disguised as a novel - review

"Indiscretion" transports us to 1950ties Franco Spain - book review

"The unkillable Kity O'Kane" -review. Eye witness to early 20th century history

Review of "Sparkles of Blue". A fantasy novel that needs a bit of polishing

A travelogue - mystery - cooking - detectivenovel set in Florence Tuscany "Treachery in Tuscany (Jordan Mayfair Mystery)"

Now reading: That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh

A book about the fall of Palmyra in Syria written by a Syrian-Polish writer. 12+

Romance novels with an entertaining mystery - two reviews

A timetravel fantasy book written by a Russian writer that has high potential "First Lessons."