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Our selection of free novels and textbooks of today ( 15th of August, Part 2)

Our selection of today's free novels (15/8/18) Part 1

A selection of novel/stories that are #FREE today (14th of August)

A bit of Post-Apocalyps: The Ending Series

Historic novel with folklore elements "The sultan, the vampyr and the soothsayer"

Not a ghost story but a ghost's story: review of "A vain and indecent woman" by Colin Falconer

ARC review of "Side effect" - a medical romance novel with a bit different set up

"Smuggler's bounty" - a romance with a lot of fondling that might be interesting for young people

No romance but the story of a rebellion - review of "FATE: Story of a Circassian Slave Girl" by Ahmet Ozgunes