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"Love in the Valley of the Kings" is like watching an Indiana Jones movie

Review of "Devious lies" by by Parker S. Huntington

Review of a novel set during the French Revolution "The Reign of Love and Chaos" by Nicola Italia

Review of "In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II" - a spy novel by Rhys Bowen set in a Downton Abbey kind of setting

A Christmas Tale - Review of "What child is this" by Rhys Bowen

Review of "The victory garden" by Rhys Bowen

Review of "The Tuscan Child" by Rhys Bowen

Review of "The Duke's bride" by Joanne Wadsworth - now FREE on Amazon

Review of "The Book Ghost" by Lorna Gray - Britain just after WW2. A young widow has to find roots again

The end of the world as we know it - After it Happened Boxset by Devon C. Ford

Review "The Deceptive Lady Darby" by Adele Clee - feel good women lit with a bit of mystery

Review of "A bend in time" by Anne C. Maxwell - quite promissing but needs a bit of work in my opinion

FREE: An adrenaline-fueled adventure set in the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, and Turkey about stolen art, the mafia, and a father’s vengeance.

New Dutch book about recent history: Nieuw boek van Geert Mak uit

Review of "Angles or Angles" by David Stokes

Review of "King of Kings" by Wilbur Smith - the forming of Ethiopia and the Italian colony Eritrea just after the Mahdi rebellion in Sudan

Review of "House on endless waters" by Emona Elon - Amsterdam Jews during the war

FREE BOOK: Sounds interesting and set in an alternate modern Russia surrounded by the still-powerful Ottoman Empire and the Chinese Empire of the Sun,

Review of "Angel" by Susan Kinsey - mommy joins the mob

Review of "In darkest days may blossom" by Leila Snow - injustice for the poor in 18th century London

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Review of "In the Far Pashmina Mountains" - Raj India and the British Afghan war set in a historical novel

Review of "Tears of the Dragon" by Jean Moran - Hongkong WW2 - Japanese internment

Review of " The Kazak Contract by PAUL PURNELL " - fast action packed story in an exotic location

Free book: set in Amsterdam

Indian Raj : Review of Beneath an Indian Sky: A heartbreaking historical novel of family secrets, betrayal and love by Renita D'Silva

Review of "Paramedic to the Prince: An American Paramedic's Account of Life Inside the Mysterious World of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"