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Review "Tangier" - the story of a Christian-Muslim-Jewish extended family in Tangier in the period just before colonisation of Morocco by France

"Blue warrior" - an escape on horses in Morocco that reads like a Western novel

A sea adventure written as one of those old fashioned navy stories. Pirates, privateers and bonny lassies

Moroccan 17th century history comes to life in a novel about the love of a eunuch for the wife of the sultan

Illegal alien starving in Geneva mixed with Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast. Book review of "A Million Different ways"

Bookreview: "The tenth gift" A woman is abducted to become a slave in Morocco in the 16th century. In the 20th century a descendant retraces her story.

Book review "Rachel's Tuareg" - a must for everyone who ever visited Marrakesh

Epic tale of a Sahara crossing in the company of a Touareg family - Book review of "Pitiless land"

Some light reading material what is better then expected - review of "Saving the Sheikh"

The book that made me cry. Review of "Linnet and the prince" It is certainly worth all the 5 star nominations!

Review of "The Geisha with the green eyes" Too focussed on the hanky panky?

Great book and FREE today "The good knight" Detective in medieval Wales

A group of soldiers travel the desert after their officer is shot. Review of "Patrol"

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast mixed with some shapeshiters and actors. Review of "The Beast within" by Tiffani Clark Kemp

Review of "Barbary slave" by Robert Adams --- more interesting as a view into history of Algeria then for the heroes of the story