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Review of "Fires of Change" by Sarah Lark

Review of "Prospects of a Woman" by Wendy Voorsanger

The Stolen Village: Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates

Review: The tea planter's club - the horror of an evacuation from Birma through the jungle towards India

Review: The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age: A Henry Doyle Novel - an old fashioned adventure story set in bygone days

ARC review of "Of Mercy & Of Death (The Seven Keys of Hildegard Book 1)" by David Depuis

The Second Son Chronicles part 1 - a long way home

Wat is de link tussen The Chronicles of Narnia, noodsituaties en mensenrechten?

The founding of Marrakesh as the background of one of the best love stories I have ever read - the Moroccan empire series by Melissa Addey

A classical detectivenovel for a reduced price: The Female of the Species (The Bulldog Drummond Book 5)

FREE: Up in Smoke (Glock Grannies Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Not so much a murder mystery novel but a history book about London during the Reformation - Murder in St Paul's by Richard Dale

"De passievrucht" by Karel Glastra van Loon - Dutch literature that is translated

A gripping thriller - I can't sleep by J.E. Rowney - Is a student being hunted or is her mind playing tricks with her?

The Iranian father and the Israeli son - review of Deadly Ties by Aaron Ben-Shahar

Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series (6 book series) - an enjoyable American fantasy of London policework

Interesting glimpse of history: "The sword and the garden" - about the first Moghul emperor

New book on Dutch Administrative law

Set in my hometown Leiden and only 99 cents today.

Endearing banter and a lot of murders: The adorable murder mysteries with Lady Julia and the Bow Street Runner John Pickett written by Sheri Cobb South

"Murder in Old Bombay" - the debut novel of Nev March - review

A veteran comes home after WW1 - "the Gamekeeper's wife" by Clare Flynn - review

A FREE detective novel: In Milady's Chamber: A John Pickett Mystery by Sheri Cobb South

A very well written pandemic series by M.P. McDonald. Written well before COVID

ARC Review of "The Traitors Child" by Mark Townsend - A Dan Brown take on Judas

Cooking, romance and a whiff of murder: review of "Above the Bay of Angels" by Rhys Bowen

Turkish history disguised as a novel: The Mapmaker's Daughter by Katherine Nouri Hughes (Iraqi American author)

Paranormal Scottish chicklit "The healer's legacy"

Review of "The Sanctuary Seeker, The (A Crowner John Mystery Book 1)" by Bernard Knight