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#free book: "Sub-Sahara"

A #Free Kindle book in which the Sherlock Holmes story is reversed "Moriarty Meets His Match (The Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mystery Series Book 1)"

Review of Book 1 of the Lady Fan-mysteries series "The gilded shroud" by Elizabeth Bailey

Three historical novels by Irina Shapiro

The world of Jane Eyre in a detective setting: "The Opium Purge" by Elizabeth Bailey

Review of "Her Desert Doctor" by Marie Tuhart

Free today: Botticelli's Muse

Free book: "Spanish Lavender", a love story set during the Spanish civil war

Da Vinci code meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.: Free today the novel "Keys of Life: Uriel's Justice"

#Free detective novel about a #barrister at the court of Elisabeth I of England: "Murder by Misrule"

A great murder mystery set at the court of Queen Elisabeth I - review of "Let slip the Dogs" by Anna Castle

Review of "The Liberty Bride" by MaryLu Tyndall, set during the War of 1812

#free #book: Book 2 of the multi-award-winning epic Historical Fiction series The Troubadours Quartet

Review of "The Soldier's Girl" by Sharon Maas: WWII in the Alsace

Unusual regency novel: Review of "A gentleman's promise" by Penny Hampson

No not set on an alien planet but in Egypt and Sudan in 200 BC

Review of "Servant of the Crown" by Paul J Bennett, a great medieval fantasy novel and only 99 dollar cents!

Review of "Hypertension, Blood Sugar? Depression?: How I Cured Them" All by Dr Leonid Altshuler

#Free novel: The Dante Connection (Book 2) (Genevieve Lenard)

Review of "Holding Pattern" by Nesta Tueomey (love is in the air)

ARC review of "A marriage in four seasons" situated in hotelrooms in Istanbul, Tunisia, New York and Granada and dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a child

Review of "The Ghost of Hearts-Hope: A Ghostly Story of Love and Loss"

Review of "Obesessions of a djinni"

Review of "The Sheikh’s American Fiancée"

#Free book (today) #thriller "Storm Sail - A Connie Barrera Thriller"

Review of "The bird king" by American Muslim writer G. Willow Wilson - A mix of history, mythology and fantasy,

A regency romance and thriller combined: "The Marquess (Regency Nobles Book 2)" by Patricia Rice

Review of "Isabella of Angouleme" by Erica Lainé

Review of "The line between", the new novel by Tosca Lee