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FREE book that sounds interesting: The Case of the Mysterious Madam: A Gilded Age Historical Cozy Mystery

AFter a summer of Black Lives Matter protests all over the world this novel starring a black slave owner was a bit of a shock (true story)

I read this Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller set in the dead of winter while it was snowing and very cold outside

Georgian historical mystery novels around Alec Halsey by Lucinda Brant - a refrehsing choice of historical setting

A fascinating neutral novel set during the American revolution - "The Turncoat's widow" by Mally Becker

Not a soppy romance but a good murder mystery with some hunk helping to solve the crime - "Mysterious lover" by Mary Lancaster

Review of "Claiming you in Eden" - abduction novel that also aims to sexual educate

Review of "The Sheikh's mail-order bride" by Leslie North - mummy romance

I finished my first audiobook today: Island Nation by Peter Heller on Audible

How to survive on a Wyoming prairie during winter in 1870 after your dad shot your neigbour's dad? Review of " One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow"

The invasion of the last free kingdom of Sri Lanka - And the love of a girl for an elephant - Review of "The Elephant Keeper's daughter"

"The Sapphire Child " - pre World War two Northern India (now Pakistan)

Nice read situated in Malay pre, during and post WW2: The Planter's Wife by Ann Bennett