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The horrible reality of being a slave in America. Review of The Prodigy Slave

A lost scroll and secrets on Crete: Review of "The last messenger"

Abelard and Héloïse? Was he not that guy who got castrated?

"A matter of loyalty" - review of a great detective novel set in post war Britain

"Aphrodite's tears - a gorgeous setting to a mediocre love story

Three novels following a workingclass family living in or near Cordoba in the haydays of the Caliphate when Spain was an Umayad Muslim Kingdom

Review of "Imperial lady" - a historical novel about a Chinese woman sent to the Mongols

"AZTEC: the most extraordinary love story never told" - the Spanish conquest of Middle America

Free today: Natural Remedies: How To Use The Power Of Mother Nature To Heal And Protect Yourself (Natural Recipes)

Free on the 2rd of December: ICEQUAKE

Murder in the imperial palace - review of "Murder in the Forbidden City (Qing Dynasty Mysteries Book 1")

A believable "billionaire falls in love with a poor girl" - story

"Emirates Diaries: From Sheikhs to Shakespeare" - a review

A very good detective story by someone who normally does research into that era "Searcher in the Dawn"

An amazing novel: Gods and Monsters

A slow historical romance - not impressed "Cry of the peacock"

Marvellous good story: "Of moths and butterflies"

A lot of sex and history: review of "The Dark Knight's Captive Bride"

Married to a homosexual king in medieval England. Review of "Isabella, braveheart of France" by Colin Falconer

Review of "Disappeared" - a novel about the dark days in Argentina. Written by Colin Falconer

Review of "Miss Phryne Fisher: dead man's chest" -- even better than the series on tv

When you like Indiana Jones this is the book for you

Review of "Adored: the harem diaries" - ok story without background research

Review of "Saved by Sheikh Omar"

Review "Fletcher's Fortune" - a navy story with a detective aspect

REVIEW of novel set in pre-Taliban Afghanistan. Very impressed by this insiders account

Autobiography of a Scottish woman working in Afghanistan "Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni"

Review of "A Ruthless Proposition" set in South Africa

Review of The Seed Woman by Petra Durst-Benning