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The USA after nuclear bombs detonated in mayor cities. Review of "Through many fires"

#Free today "1914" - novel (series) about a family during World War 1

Maybe not the book a lady should admit she has read..... but it was a fun read. Review of "Sold! A Romance in the Sudan"

Review of "The good lawyer, a novel" by Thomas Benigno

#Review of "In Morocco", the first travel guide book of the country. The book is now #free

#Free book (today): The Coalition: A Novel of Suspense

A light read for the weekend: Viking Romance "Blind Allegiance"

A Puzzle in 1930ties Morocco. Review of "The Saffron gate"

#FREE book (at least today): The first 3 books about Bolitho in the English navy in 1772. Do you like adventure on the high seas?