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Review "The Extinguished Flame: Olympians Killed in The Great War"

Old fashioned naval adventure story with a lot of humour - review of "Mountain of Gold" by J.D. Davies -

A thriller set in the Gulf region: "Candleburn" by Jack Hayes

BOOK REVIEW: "Savage Continent: Europe in the Aftermath of World War II" by Keith Lowe

A very dark read about psychological warfare and attraction: review of "Comfort Food" by Kitty Thomas (Free book)

A too kinky vampire story: review of "The last girl" by Kitty Thomas

So good I read the four sequels too - Still Life With Murder (Nell Sweeney Mystery Series Book 1) by P.B. Ryan

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A knight during the days of William the Conqueror - Review of The Paladin by George Shipway

Her only friend there: an Arab tribal leader - review of The Bride Price by Karen Jones Delk

Jane Eyre in Morocco - review of Enchantment in Morocco by Madeleine McDonald

A 100 year old book about the love of an English girl for a Muslim warlord in Africa - review of A Son of the Sahara by Louise Gerard (free download)

Shogun Japan - review of the novel "Lady on the bridge" by Laura Kitchell

FREE for Kindlereaders: The Good Knight (A Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery Book 1) by Sarah Woodbury

A detective in Moorish Spain: Book review of The Sin Eater

Enslaved by the Barbary Pirates - Review: The Selling of Kaelyn Sullivan by Marie Hunter

Review: The Accidental Slave (Aya's story) by Elin Peer