Da Vinci code meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.: Free today the novel "Keys of Life: Uriel's Justice"

A London Museum tour guide points to an angel with no halo in Da Vinci’s painting, Virgin on the Rocks, whose name is Uriel. Archangel Uriel fights for justice against an ancient evil. Two people discover their important pieces to a great puzzle along their journey to possess the Keys of Life. Da Vinci code meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.

 Cordy McDermott isn't your typical veterinarian - unless your veterinarian also happens to have a black belt in karate. After rescuing an Egyptian princess from being sold as a sex slave, Cordy finds herself in the crosshairs of death, tangled in a harrowing battle dating to Biblical times.

Across the world, a young, brawny archeologist stumbles upon an ancient relic at the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel after a mysterious dream. On the run, Ash and Cordy team up in a thrilling race against time to keep balance from falling in favor of an enemy bent on vengeance and absolute control.


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