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Review of "Angel" by Susan Kinsey - mommy joins the mob

Review of "In darkest days may blossom" by Leila Snow - injustice for the poor in 18th century London

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Review of "In the Far Pashmina Mountains" - Raj India and the British Afghan war set in a historical novel

Review of "Tears of the Dragon" by Jean Moran - Hongkong WW2 - Japanese internment

Review of " The Kazak Contract by PAUL PURNELL " - fast action packed story in an exotic location

Free book: set in Amsterdam

Indian Raj : Review of Beneath an Indian Sky: A heartbreaking historical novel of family secrets, betrayal and love by Renita D'Silva

Review of "Paramedic to the Prince: An American Paramedic's Account of Life Inside the Mysterious World of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"

Indian Raj Romance novels: Review of "A Jasmin Wife" by Jane Coverdale