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A series of detective stories set in New Zealand in the 1870ties after the land wars by Wendy M. Wilson

Review of The Defeated on Netflix

"A Taste for Killing" by Sarah Hawkswood - not Cadfael level but good sleuthing in the Middle Ages

Review of "Then Came the thunder" by Rachel Huszar

Review of The Last Kingdom season 5 on Netflix

The Plague, jousting, remedies against seasickness - when a historian sister joins her brother the novellist and produce an interesting story - The Lawless Land by Boyd Morrison; Beth Morrison

The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl by AnneMarie Brear Pub Date: 27 Jan 2022 - review

Review of "The drowned village" - how a village in Wales disappeared under water when a reservoir was created and in this novel as a backdrop of a love story

This is a mature novel and I do not mean it is full of sex. On the contrary it is not. Review of Stranger at the Dower House

Aquariums: Sci- Fi and History meet in this novel about the love for the ocean