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"A Taste for Killing" by Sarah Hawkswood - not Cadfael level but good sleuthing in the Middle Ages

Review of "Then Came the thunder" by Rachel Huszar

Review of The Last Kingdom season 5 on Netflix

The Plague, jousting, remedies against seasickness - when a historian sister joins her brother the novellist and produce an interesting story - The Lawless Land by Boyd Morrison; Beth Morrison

The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl by AnneMarie Brear Pub Date: 27 Jan 2022 - review

Review of "The drowned village" - how a village in Wales disappeared under water when a reservoir was created and in this novel as a backdrop of a love story

This is a mature novel and I do not mean it is full of sex. On the contrary it is not. Review of Stranger at the Dower House

Aquariums: Sci- Fi and History meet in this novel about the love for the ocean