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"Entangled lives" by Imran Omer, an impressive novel about Pakistan and Taliban-era Afghanistan

"The Tory - a novel about spying and love in Oneida territory during the American Revolution - review

REVIEW: "The Hanover square affair" - an impressive Regency murder mystery

Utterly silly Arab Prince romp - Her desert prince by Marie Tuhart

(p)review of "Herakles"- a graphic novel about a figure from Greek Mythology

Some #FREE novels to take with you on your vacation (free download for kindle - legal)

Preview of "In the Galway Silence" - An Irish detective noir

Preview of "The last hours" - a Post Apocalyps story set in medieval England during the Plague.

#Free crime novel set in #India (only free today)

#Free crime thriller set in America's South on a plantation that is to be restored.