(p)review of "Herakles"- a graphic novel about a figure from Greek Mythology

Herakles has to do a list of tasks. When you are not familiar with the story or trying to unearth your schooldays in your brain like I had to do a lot of this graphic novel will be lost to you. The story is hardly explained and the who is who is at the end.

The drawings are in just a few colours and very basic. One I really liked but the rest not so much. Reading other reviewers I realised it was supposed to be in the style of Greec pottery. I wished I had known that when I was reading it.

Like I said: You best have a basic knowledge of Greec mythology so this graphic novel will do well in a school where they teach Greec and Latin and I can imagine my friends who studied ancient history in university liking it as well. But not for the general public and certainly not for people under 12.

3 stars out of 5.

(To be) published 24th of July 2018


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