"The Tory - a novel about spying and love in Oneida territory during the American Revolution - review

For someone who is not American nor English this part of the American Revolution is not that familiar territory. In the story captain John Carlisle a disgraced English army officers is send to what is now Upstate New York to find out what the position towards the rebellion is of the Indian tribes forming the Six Nations empire. He ends up in a town near the Oneida homelands. His innkeeper is Dellis (Daylis) a woman of Oneida and Scottish decent who has quite a past with English regulars. While John is spying someone is murdering Indian women in the area.

I understood from another reviewer that the author wrote a historically correct story. I would not classify it as a romance novel. With all the other things going on is is more a historical novel.

Unlike most novels written by an American author and set during the War of Independence this novel is not pro Rebels. but neutral and I like that. Yes some English soldiers are very bad but also some rebels are bad and irresponsible.

The book has a slow space but as it gives us an in depth view on rural live at the beginning of the war and all kind of mysteries have to be solved I liked that. The writer says in her notes she used writing to cope with some devastating events. I think the way she describes guilt and trauma is very well done. For the prudes: That results in a bed scene but that is essential for this story. It is certainly not an erotic tale.

There is one thing I am not that amused with. This novel is a part 1 of 3. So I have spend days reading it and then in the end there is no closure. And the other books are also not available yet. I wonder if there can be one other reason than profit to do it like that (but it is not expensive so why?) Not smart as people will have forgotten about it when book 2 is published. Because of that I deduct one star. For the rest; well done!

Published 11the May 2018, 4 stars out of 5


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