ARC review of "Side effect" - a medical romance novel with a bit different set up

If you like a romantic story with a lot of bedsport and no huge twists this is the novel for you. I was given and ARC so I could read an review it.

Unlike most of the "rich tycoon"-novels here the man is not a powerful alpha male but an insecure man suffering from agoraphobia after being shot by someone. (Nevertheless he is still super handsome and wealthy). His mother asks the intern of her psychiatrist to try and treat him as he does not cooperate with that psychiatrist and has not left his apartment for six months. When mum also puts a lot of money in Kendall's account and suggests to sleep with him in case that will help, the young student starts to worry that this will be seen as grooming of a vulnerable patients and have her kicked out of university and banned to practise. All the while there is the threat of the shooter who is still on the loose.

I discovered four timeline mistakes in the novel. No big messing up ones but like for instance when Kendall meets Zander it is mentioned as the first time she meets Zander but in fact she has met him before.


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