Married to a homosexual king in medieval England. Review of "Isabella, braveheart of France" by Colin Falconer

The daughter of the French king is given in marriage to the English one. But he has a boyfriend.

It must have been confusing in those days to be married off to a homosexual king as she must have not known what it was. And a mistress was just bed sport in those days when women were just a procession but a male lover who was given titles and holdings could wield real power and was seen as a danger by the nobles.

The reason mr Falconer gives at the end for the king's behaviour sounds crazy to me. Oh and mr Falconer Dordrecht is in Holland not Flanders :)
Interesting book!


When I read a book based on historical facts I always do a google search. According to popular belief the king was killed by a hot iron is his anus. Mr Falconer chooses strangling. Both methods however leave telltale evidence on the body and according to history no cause could be identified. So maybe poison or was it just the stress?

Mr Falconer lets the queen agree to the killing. That seems unlikely when you consider that 1) Her son kills Mortimer but not her. Those days were not very tolerant so if she had killed his father he would at least have locked her in a convent. Although one could argue that execution was to display power so no one would try again 2) Isabella had a very good relationship with her son and grandchildren and the daughter of Mortimer by his wife and who would let his kids socialise with a killer? 3) When she died 30 years after her husband she insisted to be buried in her cloak she wore when she came to England as Edward's wife and with Edward's heart in that box. That sounds to me as she wanted to see him in heaven. Such sign of love does not point to murder.


She was taught to obey. Now she has learned to rebel.
When Princess Isabella is offered as bride to King Edward of England, for her it’s love at first sight. But her dashing husband has a secret, one that threatens to tear their marriage—and England—apart. As Isabella navigates the deadly maelstrom of Edward’s court, her cleverness and grace allow her to subvert Edward’s ill-advised plans and gain influence. But soon the young queen is faced with an impossible choice, taking a breathtaking gamble that will forever change the course of history.
In the tradition of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick, Isabella is the story of a queen who took control of her destiny—and the throne.

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