A selection of Native American romance novels (All read for free with my Kindle Unlimited subscription)

Confined to bed with an inflamed larynx and a dose of penicillin  I tried to get my mind occupied by something entertaining to read. The theme is love stories involving Indians.

Captive by Colleen French

A few weeks before the outbreak of the war between England and France in America Tess is kidnapped by Mohawks. After she manages to escape she befriends Raven who is a Lanape. He promises to bring her back to her home. But then prejudice and war get in the way.
Well written romance with a lot of things happening in it that keep you reading. Some bedscenes but in small doses. Takes time to explain the political situation of those days - we even see George Washington passing by - and how the whites dealt with women who had been captured by the natives.

4 stars out of 5

Forbidden Caress by Colleen French

This novel by the same author and set in the same setting is less interesting. The daughter of an English reverent follows her fiance to the colonies. En route to his home he ransacked an Indian burial site and when the Indians attack him for doing that he leaves his fiancee behind and runs off. The fiancee is taken prisoner and the first half of the novel is spend on does he loves me or does he not and vice versa. What I found quite unbelievable is the idea to go and live all alone in a cabin while severely handicapped and with roaming hostile Indian tribes in the area. Safety in numbers and all. For an American romance novel it is kind of surprising to see gay people mentioned and a transsexual a revered friend and that in a novel written in the 1980ties according to Goodreads although Amazon mentions 2017. (By the way I have read years ago that transsexuality was not frowned upon amongst the Indian).

3 stars out of 5

Walks With Him: Comanche Bride (Native Brides Book 1) by Elle Marlow 

All stereotypes of the great plains Indians are mentioned horses buffalo hunts etcetera and I am not certain things are represented historically correct. Feels a bit as a young adult tale with some bedscenes. And to think you can understand a language in just a few days! I travelled the Middle East for 5 weeks and could come up with good morning, a few numbers and coffee and tea and thank you.

A 2 stars out of 5 

When The Wind Blows: A Story of Love by J.R. Case

Very well written story about a woman who sets off to the Dakota plains. She and her husband had been rich but he spent all their money. His new dream is homesteading in the West. She is in a very unhappy marriage but out in the wilderness Clive works hard and the rich girl starts to enjoy the project. But then she is left alone in the wilderness with only the sheriff visiting once a month and a mysterious Indian looking at her from afar. She never sees that man as a threat but considers him her visitor.
Unlike many of these novels no instant love but a story that builds up slowly and spends a lot of time on day to day chores. It becomes obvious how much work running a farm in the middle of nowhere was in those days and in that climate. (A friend of mine is from that area and always is telling about the harsh winters).  I found it interesting and endearing. There is explicit sexual activity and some of that might be a trigger for people who have a history of sexual violence.

Definitely a 5 stars out of 5

By the way did you know that quite a lot of guys read a romance novel when they can disguise it as a book their wife or girlfriend bought and left on the table? 


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