A thriller with Muslim villains but also a Muslim who is the true hero of the story: kISmet

A British member of parliament is contacted by a businessman from Yorkshire who tells him that he and his fellow Muslim businessmen in his hometown are extorted by the local imam who is an IS fanatic and that those who refuse end up dead. It does not take long before the MP ends up with a huge target on his back.
We follow him but also a Yorkshire cop who tries to solve the murders.

Interesting to see that most of the people in a role of power: the prime minister, someone high in counter terrorism, the leader of a team of special protection officers, a retired secret agent are all women. And although the bad guys here are Muslims also the true hero is one, and the MP's close friend too.

Only minus point was that I did not bond with Edmund the MP. Maybe because he is a bit easy with other women (not his own one) and I do not like that kind of guys.


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