A comic book review by someone who never reads comics: Eleanor and the Egret

Well that is not completely correct as I do have a subscription on the Donald Duck and own a lot of Suske and Wiskes but I hardly ever read a comic book for grown ups. The early 1900-design and the story synopsis that is what about art thievery however made me pick exactly this comic book to write a review about it.

It is beautifully done with all kind of 1900 (Art Nouveau (?) ) elements in the drawing.

It made me wonder in the beginning what time period is was supposed to be in. One moment a guy in a hat and suit oozing 1900 walks in, the next moment Eleanor is wearing Uggs.

But it seems to be a kind of fantasy Paris or alternative Paris as this review voiced it:  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/why-eleanor-egret-is-perfect-title-new-comic-book-fans-992141

Interesting to see was that most characters were accompanied by a pet what represented their personality (influence of Native American spirit animals?).

However to me the book was something like looking at a beautiful picture and not totally getting what it was about. A bird who feeds on art, a kind of art succubus who steals people's talents? And the end left me with many questions. Maybe that is part of the charm.


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