Romance novels with an entertaining mystery - two reviews

Sometimes you just like to read a romantic story. When the writer combines that with a good mystery it will have the reader enthralled.

Let us start with "Gray's Promise"

This novel starts of with a very promising start. Young Grayson and Zoey just declared their love for each other when she goes off to celebrate her birthday. Next time Gray sees her her whole family is killed and she is brutally raped. His own brother is wounded. But to make things even more shocking it seems his brother and Zoey are engaged. She refuses to see him and Gray and we the readers are wondering what the hell could have happened.

Ten years later she returns  to Gray as her trauma is effecting her work as a neonatal surgeon and she wants to find out what happened that night because it turns out that Zoey suffers from amnesia.

So far the book is very good.. Then the story slows down and turns into "sticks item a into hole B.". Which is entertaining but the mystery solving pushed to the background there.. Luckily the story picks up again and the mystery starts to unravel.

It is an entertaining read until I realised a bit later it has a HUGE plothole. I might have missed something but as far as I know you cannot guarantee amnesia. So it means a potential witness is left alive who could bring the killer to the electric chair.  But maybe the writer can share her light on this for us.

3 stars out of 5

The second novel is "The Art of going home"

When she is 9 years old Madison's twinnsister was murdered. Almost 20 years later Madison returns to her hometown for a burial. She does not dare tell people she hears her sister talking to her in her head urging her to find the killer (Trauma???)

Ok story. In this novel there is a childhood crush as well. The nephew of her former housekeeper who was a kind of mother for her is now a lawyer and is very attracted to her. 

Lots of romance here as well but the detective part is nicely done and the persons are more realistic. The large Hispanic family really comes to life.

4 stars out of 5

In my opinion the second novel wins.


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