Review of "Sparkles of Blue". A fantasy novel that needs a bit of polishing

This fantasy novel starts off quite intriguing The main character works in an office in London and suspects himself to have a bit of autism. He is not good in group and a real loner.

One night he dreams so be in a kind of medieval land and finds out he is the ruler there. It scares him to bits.

He is glad to wake up but the next night he dreams he is back there again and the next.

He wonders what is causing those weird dreams. They are quite draining because he is not the man who likes to be the centre of attention of have to lead.

Then he gets the feeling he is followed during the day and to his horror discovers that wounds received in his dreams are still there in the morning. So those dreams are also real!

So far quite good.

However towards the end the story becomes quite "magical / fantasy" and that is a bit overdone for my taste.

There was one weird thing though: he does not ask people what is going on or sets of to do research. Who was the prince before he started dreaming? What happened to him? Does he look different in his dreams?

And when all the pieces are set and one expects to find out what is really happening the book suddenly ends :(  You do not have to cut fantasy stories or even whatever other novel in separate books. I have read novels that were 1000 pages.

So good start but would suggest some rewrite towards the ending.

3 stars out of 5


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