Review: The Most Bold and Daring Act of the Age: A Henry Doyle Novel - an old fashioned adventure story set in bygone days

It is a few years after the Barbary Wars where the new United States navy attacked the corsairs in Tripoli. Now Napoleon is trying to come back from Elba and gold is smuggled via Northern Africa to his followers. Two brothers - one a sea captain, the other the husband of the Tuareg queen - try to prevent it but end up in deep trouble.

The story somehow reads as if is a selection of different novels. But the setting is very interesting.
It is a book 2 in a series. What I saw of book 1 I think that is more well constructed.
There is a lot real history in the tale. That way I discovered that the hero of the Barbary wars died in a duel where he did not defend himself but the other guy just shot him in the stomach.




4 stars out of 5


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