A believable "billionaire falls in love with a poor girl" - story

Sometimes you just want something easy to read so I opted for a romance novel to review for Netgalley. At first it seemed the standard "billionaire unpleasant man beds poor girl in 20 positions and suddenly falls in love" kind of story. What can be good escapist reading but what always sounds very unlikely to me. Who wants to have a relationship with an egoistic nasty person?

So I was surprised to see that in this story things are different.

Yes Greyson is a very overbearing dominant man and he would have me a nervous wreck because I would feel like a prisoner but it becomes clear that it is done with good intentions. His love interest does react different to his behaviour than I would have done. She just let it happen and seems to like it. What made me wonder.

Unlike many of this kind of novels the writer gives a solid explanation of both the persons behaviour: He has lost people dear to him because he did not protect them, she has a past in which she lacked any protection.So they are a good fit. It turned out to be a believable lovestory and had a lot of humor elements as well.

The title incapable in my opinion points to how they are damaged by their personal history.

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