Review of "Obesessions of a djinni"

A ghost in the lamp? No it is not an Aladdin story. A djinni is imprisoned in an urn by an evil sorcerer and he hopes to regain his freedom by finding the reincarnation of his old love. But when he finds her the woman is already married so he tries to move her archaeologist husband out of the way.

A beautiful cover, a promising beginning but it was not the book for me. The two male characters: the husband and the djninni irritated me to bits. They are not the type of men a woman will dream of. Somehow I did not "feel" the love of Yassir for his long lost love. No sparks at all. Also sometimes a bit unclear what happens. Sex is so not described that at certain points I wondered if that just happened or not.

At 70% I more or less had enough. The story droned on. So I skipped till 90% to find out the story was not ending but just a part 1. I hate that!

Not a badly written book but just not the book for me. Too fantastic? Or just characters I could not identify with?

I got this book as an ARC to write a review about it.


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