Review of "The Sheikh’s American Fiancée"

This is the kind of book I like to read when I am tired and I do not have all day. It is a fast read with a happy ending. This kind of romances are often completely unrealistic and this is one of them. I mean imagine an Arabic country with champagne and gala like in a Sisi  movie? But if you forget about that the story is not that unlogical. The female heroine travels to a far away country when she finds out her sister is adopted and originally hails from that country hoping a family member will be alive to be a kidney transplant for her niece. In the meantime in that country the king has hinted he has a girlfriend. While making up the story he describes that girlfriend as American. When the heroine and the king meet he offers his help finding the grandmother of her niece but asks her to pretend she is that American woman for two weeks.. While most of this kind of stories are overdoing the bedscenes this one has a story and hardly any sex.
So if you like some light reading and a happy ending this is one for you.

I think these kind of romances could improve with a little bit of real world cultural input. Drinking champagne, walking around in a tanktop being culturally sensitive because she is not in shorts, covering shoulders (but not head)?

I was given a Free ARC by Netgalley and this is an honest review

3 stars out of 5


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