Review of "Hypertension, Blood Sugar? Depression?: How I Cured Them" All by Dr Leonid Altshuler

As one of the members of NetGalley I received an ARC of this book. It is written by a psychiatrist whose origins are in the Soviet Union. I do not know if he still lives there but his book is written in a very "American selfhelp book"-style.

Apparently doctor Altshuler himself suffered from all kind of ailments and he blames that to a too high insulin level in his blood. Since he switched to an all meat/fish diet he feels a lot better. I have no idea if this is solid medical advise or just mumbo-jumbo. He might feel a lot better with no sugar and no carbs but what about vitamins from vegetables and fruits? I always thought they are essential to fight things like cancer?

However in the second part of this short book the writer turns towards his own expertise: mental health. Here I could recognise his knowledge. He was explaining about neurotransmitters and serotonin and dopamine and I recognised the treatment a familymember received for depression. He also explained how getting out of your comfort zone is also very healthy for your mental well-being because it increases your energy levels. The function of alphawaves in your brain etcetera. That part of the book I liked a lot more, I would not have minded if he had focussed on his experience in psychiatry. That part was now a bit short.

A 3 stars out of five


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