Review of "Her Desert Doctor" by Marie Tuhart

The heroine travels to a desert country because her best friend is about to marry the king there. She has been a nurse but went back to college to become a hospital administrator. Upon arriving in the country she is welcomed by the brother of the king who is himself a trained doctor and the country's Minister of Health. Sparks fly.

This romance novel was like a box of candy of all kind of different romance genres: A royal family, an exotic country, a nurse and doctor storyline and a kink titbit. I wonder why is contemporary romance writers feel the need to introduce floggers and clubs.

The story has no weird cultural mistakes and is not that bad. If you are into light reads and like to be able to finish a novel in a few hours this might be something for you.

As you guys know I like to review books for Netgalley a site that provides me with free copies to do just that.

This one is a 3 out of 5 stars. Not bad but also not memorable.


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