Not a soppy romance but a good murder mystery with some hunk helping to solve the crime - "Mysterious lover" by Mary Lancaster

No this is not a romance novel but one of the best murder mysteries I read in the last months. Set in the last half of the 19th century in London with the winds of revolutions blowing from the Continent. 

The youngest daughter of a Duke is more or less left to her own devices with her very handsome elder sisters married and her brothers having a career in foreign affairs or just enjoying the life of a gentleman of the higher classes. One evening at the opera to her surprise she thinks she sees her ladies-maid walk out of the door and piked with curiosity follows her into an alley. The next thing she is stumbling over a corpse. A person comes running to help it seems but that guy is promptly declared murder suspect number one. 

The people are interesting characters and the murder plot is very well done. The only false note I think is the epilogue part that is not in line with the times the story is set nor with the character of the female hero. 

I would suggest to change the title and cover as this hints at a soppy romance instead of a murder mystery with a hunk in one of the leading roles (who is a doctor, a solder, foreign and of noble birth - ticks boxes for romantic leading roles).  Oh and he is a refugee.






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