The Deathly Portent (A Lady Fan Mystery, #2) > Review

This is the second instalment in the Lady Fan detective series. The freshly married Lady Ottilia and her husband Lord Francis are travelling towards his country estate when their carriage breaks down and is in need of repairs by a blacksmith. But in the nearest village the blacksmith has been just murdered and the villages are intend on blaming the local witch, a young woman. Waiting for the new part for their carriage Lady Fan tries to save the witch and solve the crime.

The setting is a small, rural village and a select group of villages are the suspects.

As I do not believe in people having a second sight that was not the most intriguing thing to me.

It is a detective story that reminded me of the old pocketbooks from the fifties and sixties.

I am more a fan of book 1 and book 3 of this series.

Free preview below.


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