Review of "The Defender" - a comic book realistic as a good movie about a lawyer trying to unravel warcrimes in Iraq

Beautifully made and like watching a movie on pages! I am myself a lawyer who worked with refugees after the Second Gulf War and sometimes wondered what people had done in the days of Saddam so the subject of this comic book was really interesting to me. A half French and half Cameroonian lawyer whose father is a war criminal is asked to defend a lady who is accused of warcrimes in Iraq. The book tackles subjects now hot in France like wearing a veil or not.  The book ends halfway in the story and that was a bit of a disappointment but I see part 2 is following soon. Can really recommend it..

On Amazon:  Meet Leo Sully-Darmon, a hot-shot photogenic criminal defense attorney who takes on cases nobody else will touch. Leo loves a good cause just as much as he loves a good photo-op, and he happens to excel at both. But when he agrees to represent a woman accused of crimes against humanity during her former life as an officer in an Iraqi detention camp, he may have bitten off more than he can chew, as antagonistic forces conspire to cast doubt on his client's innocence and start digging up dirt on his own life... complete with dark secrets from both the past and the present.


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