Review of 'The Lost Letter from Morocco' by Adrienne Chinn - travelling through Marocco - Berber culture - lost sibling - love - breastcancer

It is 2009 and Canadian born but living in London Addy is battling breastcancer. While on chemotherapy her half sister visits her in hospital and hands her some paperwork that belonged to their recently died father. It is part of a letter in which father Gus writes to Addy he had fallen in love with a Moroccan woman. The letter is written in the 1980ties but was never send. With the letter come a few old Polaroid  pictures her father had snapped while travelling through Morocco. On one of them she notices hands wearing her mother's old wedding ring. On another is a woman who is definitely pregnant.

As her boyfriend just had showed his true colours by screwing around while she was diagnosed with cancer and her photographer business went belly up Addy decides to go on adventure and follow in her father'footsteps and maybe find a sibling her father never mentioned. She goes to Morocco thinking she can use the trip for a photobook about the country.

The novel was appealing to me on so many levels:
- Addy - my mother's name
- breastcancer at 40 - been there
- Morocco - seen that
- local boyfriend - had one (in Jordan)
- people having better things to do when you are very ill - alas met those as well

So maybe it was more interesting to me than to an average person. I recognised the local sites even when the falls were renamed.

There were a couple of things that could have been done better:
- breastcancer: Well mine was very very severe so that might be different but it is odd she never is fearful afterwards. You are not cured just because treatment is over.
- boyfriend - somehow he just seems bossy and not so attractive
- the ending: That did suck big time!!! The last couple of pages ruined the plot in my opinion because it made all the other shenanigans  not logical anymore. (Or I missed something????)

Nevertheless: still a nice book to read

4 stars out of 5

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