Review of "Devious lies" by by Parker S. Huntington

For this kind of novel it is actually quite a good one! She is the daughter of someone who was in the middle of a fraud scandal. He was the son of the help. His father died when losing all his savings in that fraud case. Years later they meet again. Both are atoning each for their own reasons. He thinks she knew and was into the fraud. She thinks he is a complete @sshole. But now he is the rich guy and she the one with hardly money to eat. And there is so much they do not know.

While in these kind of novels the man is often a bad person who is a member of the maffia or just a very unpleasant man and only is nice to the woman, the author here gives a way better signal to her younger readers: this guy is a genuine good guy.

And the man modelling on the cover is a hottie.

Oh and the commenting on Disneymovies is hilarious.


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