Review of "In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II" - a spy novel by Rhys Bowen set in a Downton Abbey kind of setting

Well this means me getting up at 5 am to get my work done because this novel kept me glued to my kindle.

For those who have seen Downton Abbey picture an estate like that in 1941.

It is the beginning of World War II and America has not joined the war yet. England is desperate and people expect they will be invaded. The son of a local rector and the young adults from two noble families all find a job in the war machine. One becomes a pilot and is captured over Germany and the others ended up in secret jobs they cannot tell anyone about.

But then a spy drops from the sky. Why in that rural area? Who might be a traitor?

I truly enjoyed this novel although the clue is a bit strange all the rest is very entertaining and mixed with enough historical facts. I understand the author wrote mysteries before turning to wartime novels (those I found pretty predictable). This novel however combines a wartime setting with a great mystery that has to be solved. Well done.


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