Review of "The Sanctuary Seeker, The (A Crowner John Mystery Book 1)" by Bernard Knight

A former crusader, married without affection to a social climber, is the new coroner in rural Devon. When two bodies are found he and his two sidekicks have to investigate.

A bit of a slow read and not that much personal development in the secondary characters but the medieval setting is interesting.

It was an interesting discovery AFTER I had finished the novel that the author had been a coroner himself.

On Amazon:
Knight, a retired British forensic pathologist, presents the first in a new medieval mystery series featuring Sir John de Wolfe. It's 1194, and Sir John has just been appointed coroner for the county of Devon. His first case unfolds when an unidentified, rotting corpse is discovered on a nearby riverbank, and no one knows who it is. Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved See:


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