Preview of "A coin for the ferryman" - Timetravelling Julius Ceasar

A scientists thinks he developed a method to transport people from the past to the present. The thing is you need to pinpoint it to the place and time jut before the person died. The ideal candidate seems Julius Ceasar. So he adds to his team a historian and a Latinist.

The story is entertaining although there is a bit a dip in the fast pacing halfway. The writing is done well. But in my opinion there are also some flaws. When you would see Julius Ceasar in the flesh would you not first notice how he looks? Nowhere is a description of that. Is he tall? Does he have hair? Would you not want to ask things? And also some things do not become clear to me like why a couple breaks up and why one of the women chooses a husband while I would have thought another one was more to be expected.

Without trying to be arrogant I think a few alterations would benefit the overall result.

The love for and trust in Brutus Ceasar has however is very movingly described.

Four stars out of five.

The novel will be published on the Ides of March (Ceasar's death happened on that day) 2022. You can pre-order it here:


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