This is a mature novel and I do not mean it is full of sex. On the contrary it is not. Review of Stranger at the Dower House

It is a Regency novel but realistic with mature characters. Louise is a barren widow of a high ranking nobleman of 30 who now has financial independence. Coming from a marriage of convenience to her father's caring elderly friend she now plans to go and enjoy herself. She rents a dower house in the country and befriends her widower neighbour who is in his early forties. Although his wife is dead for many years he still is totally in love. The two neighbours get on fabulously and become fast friends. They discover a dead body in her wine cellar. Investigating they also discover other crimes and a lot better knowledge of their own pasts. The way they see the world and they feel things is very realistic developed. 

The book is beautifully written and the characters very sympathetic and easy to identify with. It is a layered story with different storylines interacting and interesting secondary characters. The writer is good in picturing the scenery. you can almost see the houses and the village

I recommend this mix of several genres. 

It is a book you hate to finish. Luckily there are sequels around other family members.

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