Review of The Defeated on Netflix

There are many movies and series that take place during the war. This series however is situated in 1946 in Berlin and the Germans are defeated and the city is divided in four zones.

What I extremely liked was the historical setting. The town is a heap of rubble. You cannot find an adress as there are no streets left. The policedepartment is run by women and a young boy and an old man because most of the men in the fighting age are dead or in prison. The Germans are not allowed to carry guns so the women arm themselves with table legs.

It is also the beginning of the Cold War.

And what to do with Nazies that are so guilty for all the crimes against humanity? But who were professors before the war and now again. Or working in a bicycle shop. What if you have liberated Dachau?

It is a brilliant series but I was not that impressed by the ending although there might be a change for a second series.


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