The Plague, jousting, remedies against seasickness - when a historian sister joins her brother the novellist and produce an interesting story - The Lawless Land by Boyd Morrison; Beth Morrison

This book is a project by two siblings: one a writer one a scholar of the Middle Ages. I found that out from the post script but  make an introduction out of that because the medieval elements and the way things are explained from the viewpoint of the characters makes the book a very interesting read and then you know you are reading facts not made up nonsense. But hey I am a history lover.

(So he writes down that they walk into a pub and I had to translate that to the appropriate language of those says explanation made me smile)

The story itself is more or less two heroes fleeing all the way across an Europe that just survived the Black Death but is still in the middle of The Hundredth Years War..

While I got a bit fed up with the mad cardinal and characters are not really opening up their emotions so stay quite flat it is the historical background and the well researched locations that are really coming to life in front of your eyes giving you a time travel experience..

For instance I found out why we Dutch call a joust a tournooi.: from tournee the turn knights had to do in the group fight. I never even knew there was a group fight.

The "history book" part made me award it with 5 stars.




The Lawless Land


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