Review of "Rooted" - a different pirate novel

It is the start of the 17th century and a young English noble woman has just become a widow and receives a large portion of her late husbands estate. Her stepson wants to marry her but she is glad the money will bring her freedom. But her domineering father decides to take matters in his hands and before she knows it she is about to leave to France with an old aunt to look for a new arranged marriage. But then a traumatic event makes this shy mouse take a leap of faith.

A very well written story with a lot of personal growth and layering. A story that will sound logical in the ears of modern ladies with a career.

Not overly sexual and when it is very realistic. And how a real loving relationship works.

DEFINITELY NOT a romance novel! NO steamy story.

The cover makes you expect a different kind of book. CHANGE THAT. It is beautiful but has nothing to do with the story and oozes BDSM.

5 stars for sure.



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