When a pandemic does not destroy humanity and you have to solve a mysterious disappearance

Imagine a society hit by a virus worse than Covid but somewhat similar. With a mortality rate of 80%. So in a classroom full with 30 students 24 will die. In a church with a congregatiom of a 100 only 20 will survive. Unlike in most dystopian stories that will not end civilization but we have seen with Covid how normal life will be effected.

Two young women are still alive: a doctor and the PA of a private investigator. Then the latter is contacted by a new client and has to solve a mystery.

I was impressed by the well created worldbuilding, the depth of the lonelyness, grief and fear of Hannah. Cleo is less detailed.

What is also refreshing is that one of the main characters is a lesbian and the other bisexual what in most of the story is just a background fact. But my gay friend Marc often talks of inclusivity.

It is a slow building, nervewracking story. Very well done!!! You deserve one of my rare 5 stars.



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