#Free only today - Harper's folly - adventure novel - on board of a yacht near the Seycelles

#Free only today

Harper has everything to look forward to, and plenty to forget…

Starting life over again after an unpleasant divorce, he lands on the exotic Seychelles ready for a large dose of independence, fulfilment and fun — eager to take the helm of his magnificent motor yacht Moon Wind.

He has invested everything he owns into creating an exciting new life for himself in paradise as skipper of his own boat.

Moon Wind is for hire by the jet-set, to explore the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

But from the start it seems his fantasy could prove folly.

Harper discovers Moon Wind's previous owner and crew were found brutally murdered on board.

They had been secretly searching for pirate treasure.

Had they found an ancient fortune of gold lost beneath the waves or is Moon Wind jinxed by the gris-gris spells which terrify his crew?

For seemingly no reason Harper suffers a vicious attack and finds his yacht savagely vandalised.

The beautiful journalist Jo Hillman saves his life three times in as many days.

How does she always end up in the right place at the right time?

Then there is the captivating Gabrielle Balthazar, who seems to know more than she is telling…

Undeterred, Harper lifts anchor to take glamorous Prince Syed on a voyage to discover the delights of the local wildlife.

But the playboy prince is a pawn in a crucial Middle-East struggle for power.

Ruthless mercenaries and armed terrorists want him dead — and anyone else who stands in their way.

Harper has never handled a gun or fought for his life.

Now, at the centre of a bloody adventure, he must learn fast.

Harper’s Folly is the first in the Harper Series , full of modern adventure.



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