A lost scroll and secrets on Crete: Review of "The last messenger"

Richard is a British man in I think his thirties who works in intelligence for the British government. Not the James Bond type just manning the Greek desk.. His father disappeared on 9/11 and is assumed to be killed in the World Trade Centre attacks while Richard himself almost died due to a suicide killer in Iraq. In the beginning of the novel he is in the Tube (underground railway in London) when one of the 7/7 suicide bombers blows himself up taking many with him. One of the mortally wounded seems to recognise Richard and gives him something what triggers a quest for answers and a lost item.

The story switches sometimes to World War Two Crete were Richard's own grandfather was helping the Greek fighting the Germans.

The writer manages to give us an intriguing puzzle. Unlike in many adventure novels the people's characters are really three dimensional.

A really good read!


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