Review of "Imperial lady" - a historical novel about a Chinese woman sent to the Mongols

Without ever been to China but after having done extensive research in the timeperiod and culture an elderly lady wrote two novels. This is book one.

A daughter of a disgraced and exiled Ch'in (Chinese) general spends a wild youth in the North near the wall. Due to her father's downfall she is unmarriagable. Then all of a sudden she and 500 other girls are summoned to the capital.

Story loosely based on a Chin queen who was send to Mongolia to bring peace.

A lot of magic and that makes me decide against giving it 5 stars. But later I discovered that fox(spirits) were in those days in China was we in Europe would know as werewolves. Although a werewolf was an evil creature the foxspirits were powerful beings who could be good or evil.

In the beginning very slow. However I do understand that that is done to build up a character that will be a believable queen.

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