When the heroes are not the good guys according to the law - two novels by Addison Kane

Dark Side of the Sun

Imagine a Mafia romance set in the world of Pride and Prejudice. It is a very good read because you keep wondering what the intentions of Gregory are. And the guy is scary. I really wondered why the women fell for him. Yes he is very good looking but is rude, lethal and bossy.

 "Bastard-born gentleman, Gregory Harrow, has decided that the Baroness of Iliffe will be his and his alone. It matters not what the young widow is hiding from, who he must kill, or what lies he shall weave to have his way" Amazon

A Trick of the Light

This is the second novel I read from this writer and I am very enthusiastic. She builds their world so well, installs a feeling of belonging and creates such "lovable" characters you hate to see the book ending. What is even more skilfully done because the heroes and heroines are not law abiding citizens and coming from a country where guns are outlawed the violence one would expect me as the reader to turn against them. Instead reading on you root for them. The whole group of secondary characters certainly make the story come alive.

"Prohibition has a stranglehold on legitimate business, but for small towns willing to play dirty, and country boys looking to make a pretty penny on shine, Prohibition has been a boon. For Monroe County, it’s the very life blood that keeps their backwoods community afloat.

But something isn’t right about the new girl in town. Charlotte Elliot swears, she drinks, and she’s trying too damn hard to fit in with the simple folk. The moonshining backbone of Monroe, Matthew Emerson, is less than thrilled when the blonde comes knocking on his door." Amazon
The writer did such a good job that people who you really would detest become the people you are rooting for while reading the books.


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