Review of "The Sadist and the stolen Princess"

Writing a story set in a historical period has one big pitfall : historical incorrectness. When I received this novel as an ARC to write a review about it that was what almost stopped me reading. I have the feeling the author mixed up the Edwardian era with the Victorian one. As far as I know London in 1880 had no electrical lighting nor telephones. Moreover the Duke is addressed in a fashion like in the Middle Ages. But I thought that the author needed a chance and it would be fair when I continued reading.

The thing is that the lovestory that develops is endearing. I have nothing with BDSM so that is a challenge in itself. But here we have a man who only learned that intimacy had to involve pain otherwise it would not arouse him and who regards himself as disfigured and a woman who needs a bit of fear. However it is made clear that hurt should never involve harm. So all what happens is a domineering man who might be rough or bites. But due to the bond they start to share mentally that is not even a prerequisite later on. I smiled when Willow remarked she could not understand 'Pride and Prejudice' and thought "Well it is a matter of what you fancy it seems".

This is again a timetravel romance. An American woman does research in London in the present day and is transported to the late 19th century. More or less right into the arms of the disgraced Duke of Warrick who takes her home. Hiding in his abandoned townhouse they get to know each other better. That part I liked best.

The book is part of a series and that might be the reason why his family history and what happened in India is not that well explained.

So far a 3 out of 5 stars.


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