The end of the world as we know it - After it Happened Boxset by Devon C. Ford

One morning a former soldier who turned policeman wakes up to see that 99% of mankind has succumbed to a kind of pneumonia. I somehow pictured this Dan as in his fifties but later on you find out he is halfway into his thirties. In the next hours he meets Neil someone who is very technical handy and also former army but a bit older. Neil his wife an children dies. Dan's did too but they live apart. They also stumble upon a 12 year old girl Leah.

The 6 books series is all about the remnants of humankind trying to survive this disaster. A disaster that is caused by something that sounds realistic to me. The author does a great job in worldbuilding. We see thugs but also nature loving vegan societies. Dan decides that it is unwise to hand over guns to untrained strangers and trains a few rangers and they set up in a former prisonmansion and start growing food. But danger is always around the corner.

I was thinking the writer made a few mistakes like a car does not wither away in a year and such and a headstone will stand for 40 years. Or that a military man would not do something. But that I found out was a plotpoint. Nevertheless there are a few decisions that sound stupid.

All in all I really liked the 6 novels. Maybe not the most emotional depth but I like the places they go as I have been there too. And the story is very thrilling. And it also makes you think. Like how toxic a tunnel gets when the vents are not working anymore.

There is also a sequel of two other novels but they are more warstories in my opinion.

No zombies, no sex.


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