Review of "The Book Ghost" by Lorna Gray - Britain just after WW2. A young widow has to find roots again

There are many novels written that are set during WWII but this one is in the period just after the war ended: 1946 and that is a first one for me. Let me start by saying I am very interested in history.

A lot is still rationed and men slowly get demobilised and send home. Lucy who worked during the war in Bristol during the bombings loses her job to the returning men and goes home to her elderly aunt and uncle who raised her. But there she discovers the couple has taken in a lodger who is also working as an editor for her uncles publishing company. Lucy, widowed and childless, can only get a secretarial menial job and sleep in the room above the office. Her gloomy daily life is depressing and she is only 26! I thought her family was heartless but we find out why they did what they did.

We slowly discover how other people are still trying to cope with the war. The man who spent five years in a prisoner of war camp, the man who had quite a nice posting and is jealous of the people who are seen as heroes, the old people who cannot cope without their children.

And mrs. P who realises she is just young Lucy and who still attracts men. And that she still lives.

In the story is a mystery. A young girl who grew up in a mansion and who seems to have disappeared 50 years ago and who is mentioned by one of the authors. Lucy feels the urge to find out what happened. And that is definitely inspired by her own childhood..

The readers who hoped it is a romance novel. Sorry. It is more a period drama. And there is a light touch of spirit talk in it. What I think could have easily ditched.

I liked the view into the era. I also liked the psychological aspects. Not a big fan of the ghosts.

Publishing date December 14th 2019

4 stars out of 5


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